The IMCC Publication & Speakers Committee (IMCC PSC) has been set up and is responsible for maintaining the internal documentation.

Please send your papers/notes/presentations to the IMCC PSC for review.

The following review procedure applies:


There are 5 types of publications, each with specific rules

  • Collaboration-wide papers (journal papers such as reviews summarizing broad areas of the accelerator, technologies, detector or physics at the muon collider)
    • The -IMCC author list (listed alphabetically) should be used
    • There will be a 2-week review from the PSC.
    • Single/multiple author papers (journal papers based on a specific study, for example a paper summarizing the physics sensitivities from a physics analysis)
      • The author list will be determined by the authors, but is subject to review by the PSC.
      • The IMCC study should be acknowledged.
      • There will be a 2-week review from the PSC.
    • Notes (which are not submitted to a journal but are publicly available)
      • They appear under the name(s) of the author(s).
      • There will be a 2-week review from the PSC.
    • Conference proceedings
      • They appear under the name of the presenter and will include the words “endorsed by the IMCC” or “on behalf of IMCC”.
      • There will be a 1-week review from the PSC.
    • Community papers (they express the opinion and support of the community. For instance, papers submitted to the ESPPU or to the Snowmass process may fall under this category)
      • The PSC will manage the process to call for authorship and support to the paper.

    In addition, there will be 2 other categories, which will not be reviewed by the PSC:

    •  Internal notes (such notes are intended solely for internal use. These notes will provide reference material for the collaboration, for example, to document technical details of a study).
    • Theses (PhD and Master) that have been submitted and defended at the home university / institute of the student.


    IMCC PSC contact : (Chair - Elias Metral)

    IMCC Publications Cover Page

    IMCC PSC General Rules


    Slides should be made available for comments at least two days before the talk will be given.

    Template for PPT is available on the IMCC / MuCol websites


    All talks are available here.