Beam Dynamics

Beam Dynamics

=> SEE: general parameters along the muon collider chain and Beam Dynamics meetings.


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- "Collective Effects and Final Bunch Rotation in a 2.2 GeV – 44 MHz Proton Accumulator – Compressor for a Neutrino Factory" by R. Cappi, J. Gareyte, E. Métral, D. Möhl (2000).



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=> Beam momentum is ~ 0.2 GeV/c for Rectilinear and ~ 0.07 GeV/c for Final cooling (and ~ 0.05 GeV/c at the end).

Single Particle description of Ionization Cooling by G. Franchetti (2000).

Linear beam optics in solenoidal channels by G. Franchetti (2001).

- "Influence of space-charge fields on the cooling process of muon beams" by D. Stratakis, R.B. Palmer and D.P. Grote (PRAB2015) => It was found there that the deterioration of the cooling performance is primarily caused by the longitudinal space-charge force, setting a limit to the longitudinal emittance at ~ 1 mm.

- Space code for beam-plasma interaction by R. Samulyak (IPAC2015).

- Status with Bernd Michael Stechauner as of 04/04/22: At the entrance of the final cooling stage, we begin with a beam kinetic energy of ~ 100MeV. That means, that the beam has to be accelerated between 6D-cooling and final cooling stage (from 50 to 175 MeV/c). Final cooling: several cells, where the beam will be cooled down and reaccelerated. In the last cell of the final cooling structure, we assume a final beam kinetic energy of ~ 5-10 MeV.



- List of parameters from Fabian Batsch et al. (1st meeting on HEMAC discussions, 22/02/22):

1) Case 10 T (maximum field in hybrid RCS): Table 1/2 and Table 2/2.

2) Case 16 T (maximum field in hybrid RCS): Table 1/2 and Table 2/2.

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- "Muon Acceleration: Neutrino Factory and Beyond" by S. Alex Bogacz (PoS, 2017).

=> We have something like this for the acceleration scheme: 

  • Linac from ~ 0.2 GeV/c to ~ 1.5 GeV.
  • RLinac from ~ 1.5 GeV to ~ 5 GeV.
  • RLinac from ~ 5 GeV to 63 GeV.
  • RCS from 63 GeV to ~ 300 GeV.
  • RCS from ~ 300 GeV to 1.5 TeV (for the first version of a Muon Collider with a c.m. energy of 3 TeV). Another RCS would be needed to go to 10 or 14 TeV c.m. energy.

- Muon Collider Pulsed Synchrotron Parameters by S. Berg (April 2021).

- Single Bunch Energy Spread in the TESLA Cryomodule by A. Novokhatski, M. Timm and T. Weiland (1999).

- TESLA cavity: Tesla CAD model from Scott Berg on 30/06/21 (courtesy of SLAC).

- Website with impedance models for the RCS and Collider (CERN login required):


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- Main relevant beam parameters.

- Website with impedance models for the RCS and Collider (CERN login required):


- MAP on Internet Archive (archived list of documents).

Unit conversion for longitudinal emittances (Fabian Batsch, April 2022).

Letter of interest for Snowmass (H. Bartosik and G. Rumolo, 2020) => To see which types of beams (and associated beam powers) are available at CERN.

- "Accelerator Physics in the Accelerator and Collider Complex" by J.S. Berg (Workshop on Muon Collider Testing Opportunities, 22/03/21).

- "A Design for a 3 TeV Rapid Cycling Synchrotron for
Muon Acceleration in the SPS Tunnel" by T. Dascalau et al. (2020)

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Synchrotron Oscillations and Synchro-Betatron
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