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Muon collider by Daniel Schulte (IPA2022: Interplay between Particle and Astroparticle Physics 2022, Wien, 05-09/09/2022).

Europe’s view and perspectives regarding Accelerator Beam Physics and future Roadmap by E. Métral (US Accelerator Beam Physics Roadmap Workshop, Washington DC, USA, 07/09/2022).
Muon collider: where are we? by Daniel Schulte (IPAC22, Bangkok, 13-17/06/2022).
MuCol by Roberto Losito (TIARA Collaboration Council, 29/03/2022).
Muon colliders: technology challenges by Daniel Schulte (JUAS school, 01/03/2022).
Muon colliders by Daniel Schulte (JUAS school, 24/01/2022).
Status of Muon Collider R&D by D. Schulte, NuFact2021, 06/09/2021.
Snowmass Muon Collider Forum, 24/08/21.
Towards a Muon Collider by E. Métral, SUSY 2021 conference, 23/08/2021
Roadmap Process of the Muon Beam Panel by D. Schulte, EPS, 28/07/21.
The muon collider by D. Schulte, Muon Collider KEK-­PH lectures and workshops, 30/06/21.
Muon Collider Studies by E. Métral, CERN ABP-CEI section meeting, 17/06/21.
Prospects for Future Colliders and Advanced Accelerator Technologies - with Applied Superconductivity - by Akira Yamamoto, Future Colliders Session, LHCP2021, 9 June 2021
APS-APR'21 - Joint DPB-DPF sessions on Muon Colliders - April 17-20.
Muon collider status and outlook by Daniel Schulte and Mark Palmer (Snowmass21 AF1 Physics Limit of Ultimate Beams Workshop Session 5 - Muon Collider, 06/04/2021).
Muon Collider Collaboration (Panel Seminar) by Daniel Schulte (01/04/2021).
Muon Colliders – Opening New Horizons for Particle Physics by Vladimir Shiltsev (University of Chicago, 29/03/2021).
Muon colliders by Daniel Schulte (JUAS school, 10/03/2021).
Muon Colliders by Daniel Schulte (Muon collider Collaboration meeting, CERN, 03/07/2020).
Muon Collider by Daniel Schulte (Snowmass presentation, 01/07/2020).
Muon Colliders by Daniel Schulte (KIT/Bessy, June 2020).
Muon Colliders: challenges and wonders, Present status & Future plans by Nadia Pastrone (DESY, 17/12/2019).