0) Integration, project, reserve: Daniel Schulte (CERN) and Mark Palmer (BNL).

1) Muon production and cooling: Chris Rogers (STFC-RAL) and Diktys Stratakis (FNAL).    

2) Muon acceleration and collision: Antoine Chance (IRFU) and Angeles Faus-Golfe (IJClab).

3) Magnets: Lionel Quettier (IRFU) and Tabea Arndt (KIT).

4) RF: Jean-Pierre Delahaye (CERN retiree) and Akira Yamamoto (CERN/KEK).

5) Particle-matter interaction: Simone Gilardoni (CERN) and Nadia Pastrone (INFN-Torino).

6) Beam dynamics: Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC/Stanford University) and Elias Metral (CERN).

7) Other systems and issues: Philippe Lebrun (European Scientific Institute) and Mike Seidel (EPFL/PSI).

8) Other muon beam opportunities: Ken Long (Imperial College London).  

9) LEMMA: Nadia Pastrone (INFN-Torino) and Angeles Faus-Golfe (IJClab).




  • They should help the panel to do its duty.
  • They should dispatch questions to relevant experts.
  • They are responsible for ensuring that an answer is provided.

List for Design

  • Parameters: Daniel Schulte.
  • High-energy complex: Alex Bogacz (linacs), Shinji Machida (FFA), Antoine Chance (RCS), Christian Carli (collider), Anton Lechner (shielding).    
    Muon production and cooling: Chris Rogers, Marco Caviani, Chris Densham.
    Proton complex: Ilias Efthymiopoulos, Frank Gerigk.
    Test facility: Roberto Losito.
    Beam Dynamics: Elias Metral.
    LEMMA: Marica Biagini.

List for Technologies and Infrastructure

  • RF: Alexej Grudiev.
  • Magnets: Lionel Quettier.
  • Power converter: Davide Aguglia, Fulvio Boattini.
  • Beam instrumentation: Manfred Wendt.
  • Vacuum: Jose Antonio Ferreira Somoza.
  • Alignment: Helene Mainaud-Durand.
  • Cryogenics: Rob van Weelderen, Patricia Tavares Coutinho Borges De Sousa.
  • MDI: Donatella Lucchesi (MDI), Anton Lechner (shielding/MDI), Christian Carli.
  • Radiation protection: Claudia Ahdida, Markus Widorski.
  • Civil engineering: John Osborne, Youri Robert.


CONVENERS OF THE 11 WORKING GROUPS (note that we are in the process of enhancing the working group conveners, so the following is subject to change: as of 15/06/21)

Radio-Frequency (RF): Alexej Grudiev (CERN), Jean-Pierre Delahaye (CERN retiree), Derun Li (LBNL), Akira Yamamoto (KEK).
Magnets: Lionel Quettier (CEA), Toru Ogitsu (KEK)‎, Soren Prestemon (LBNL), Sasha Zlobin (FNAL), Emanuela Barzi (FNAL).
High-Energy Complex (HEC): Antoine Chance (CEA), J. Scott Berg (BNL), Alex Bogacz (JLAB), Christian Carli (CERN), Angeles Faus-Golfe (IJCLab), Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt (FNAL), Shinji Machida (RAL).
Muon Production and Cooling (MPC): Chris Rogers (RAL), Marco Calviani (CERN), Chris Densham (RAL), Diktys Stratakis (FNAL), Akira Sato (Osaka University), Katsuya Yonehara (FNAL).
Proton Complex (PC): Simone Gilardoni (CERN), Hannes Bartosik (CERN), Frank Gerigk (CERN), Natalia Milas (ESS).
Beam Dynamics (BD): Elias Metral (CERN), Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC and Stanford University), Rob Ryne (LBNL).
Radiation Protection (RP): Claudia Ahdida (CERN).
Parameters, Power and Cost (PPC): Daniel Schulte (CERN), Mark Palmer (BNL), Philippe Lebrun (CERN retiree and ESI), Mike Seidel (PSI), Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL), Jingyu Tang (IHEP).
Machine Detector Interface (MDI): Donatella Lucchesi (University of Padova), Christian Carli (CERN), Anton Lechner (CERN), Nicolai Mokhov (FNAL), Nadia Pastrone (INFN), Sergo R Jindariani (FNAL).
Synergy: Kenneth Long (Imperial College), Roger Ruber (Uppsala University), Koichiro Shimomura (KEK).
Test Facility (TF): Roberto Losito (CERN), Alan Bross (FNAL), Tord Ekelof (Uppsala University).